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Welcome to my Web site!

I purchased this domain in 1997 or so planning for it to become a Westervelt Family resource with family history, genealogy, and perhaps some type of directory system for everybody to share. My goal in acquiring this domain was to simply ensure that as a family as a whole we would be able to have access and control over this domain.  Over the past few years, however, I have done little more than use this domain for it's e-mail potential. 

I recently added forums to the Westervelt website (See Westervelt Discussion Forum) but let's be honest forums like that are not a good way to share genealogy data! In an attempt to get people to share their Genealogy data I have added a new Genealogy program to the website (See Westervelt Genealogy Pages). The forums and Genealogy pages do not share the same database so if you are interested in participating I ask that you sign up for both the Forum and the Genealogy pages using the same USER ID. I plan to correct this in the future but that is some serious programming to fix!

The new Westervelt Genealogy Page has the ability to import and export files using GEDCOM format. I would be most grateful if anybody with a PC based program that has Westervelt family history if they would be willing to contact me so that I can get the data you have to add to our family website here. Because of the rather sparse traffic that we have had here in the past I do not check the forums much so please e-mail me at the address in the footer. I have started entering my immediate family for an example of how this will look when it is populated and I hope to get some of my own Aunts and Uncles to fill in some of the gaps if they can. . 

I encourage anyone to send me E-MAIL with ideas or suggestions for this webpage!  I must admit that my own knowledge of Westervelt History is not great so any family historians that would like to share their knowledge can contact me!  I would also like help finding links to relevant Westervelt family web pages so that I can add the links to this site!

Please contact me via E-MAIL or the Feedback page and I will gladly share credit where credit is due for work that is provided!

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